Geospatial Information Science and Technology Online Courses

NC State and the Center for Geospatial Analytics offer numerous Geospatial Information Science and Technology online courses in Geospatial Analytics, Geographic Information Science, and Geospatial Science applications. Students are encouraged to review the course catalog each semester for up-to-date course offerings, credit hours, required prerequisites, and other possible enrollment restrictions. Many of our courses are offered both online, through Online and Distance Education (DELTA), as well as on-campus.

Along with our standard courses that are offered most semesters, there are a revolving number of Special Topics courses meant to expose students to new and innovative topics that may be experimental or not currently part of the permanent curriculum. Specific topics change each semester, and the current semesters offering can be found at the bottom of the corresponding pages or in the course catalog.

In addition to the Geospatial Information Science and Technology online courses listed on the pages below, there are numerous applications-based courses in many departments across campus, including Forestry and Environmental Resources, Marine, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Parks Recreation and Tourism Management, Soil Science, and Engineering.

For those interested in taking individual courses without enrolling in a degree or certificate program, you must first enroll as a Non-Degree Studies (NDS) Student. To learn more about enrolling as an NDS student or registering for courses, visit our Apply page.

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Upcoming Deadlines

  • Apply by Oct 15 for Spring
  • Apply by April 15 for Fall

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