GIST Advising

Advising is an important part of our programs. Advisors are an important link between the student, the program, and the graduate school and are there to help with any academic related issues. Our GIST advising team members serve primarily as academic advisors, helping with course selection, tracking academic progress, approving Plans of Work, and addressing other academic issues. The Director of Graduate Programs is also always available to assist advisors and students with any issues or to answer any questions.

The primary ways you will interact with your advisor include:

  • Email discussions
  • Face-to-face meetings (if possible)
  • Telephone
  • Online chat (such as Google Hangouts, Skype, etc.)

Students are encouraged to reach out to the GIST advising team and their specific advisor using the means most comfortable to them. Don’t hesitate to ask your advisor if they have a preferred method of communication. At least once a semester, your advisor will contact you, typically via email, to inform you of semester deadlines and registration. This is generally a good time to consult with your advisor if you have any questions.

MGIST Student Advisors

MGIST students are assigned an academic advisor just prior to orientation for the program. The name of the advisor will be communicated via email and will appear in MyPack Portal. Students will also have a chance to meet their advisor in person during orientation.

Certificate Student Advisors

Students in the Graduate Certificate in GIS program are not assigned specific advisors. Students needing academic advice should contact Dr. Eric Money, the Director of Graduate Programs, or Anju Singh, the Graduate Program Associate. Students will learn more about GIST advising during Orientation.

Current GIST Advising Faculty and Staff

GIST Advising Faculty_StacySupak

Stacy Supak

GIST Advising Faculty_StacyNelson

Stacy Nelson

GIST Advising Faculty_LauraTateosian

Laura Tateosian

GIST Advising Faculty_EricMoney

Eric Money

GIST Advising Faculty_PerverBaran

Perver Baran

Upcoming Deadlines

  • Apply by Oct 15 for Spring
  • Apply by April 15 for Fall

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