GIST Industry Experience Program

Immersive, cutting-edge geospatial problem-solving through industry collaboration

The GIST Industry Experience Program (IEP) is a collaborative effort between the Center for Geospatial Analytics and geospatial industry partners to bring immersive industry experiences to our graduate students. The GIST Industry Experience Program is an internship program that provides exclusive opportunities for NC State students enrolled in our Professional Master of Geospatial Information Science & Technology degree and other geospatial programs.



  • Provide students with hands-on experience in various geospatial industries
  • Supplement student educational objectives with professional training
  • Foster partnerships between industry and CGA and enhance our educational mission


Student Expectations

Students participating in the GIST Industry Experience Program internship are paid directly by the industry partner, with pay rates variable depending on the position. Students are expected to work a maximum of 20 hrs/week, with a minimum of 1 semester of commitment. Students are expected to maintain enrollment in their respective degree programs while completing the internship. Course credit may be available.

Partner Expectations

Through this collaboration, industry partners will identify specific internship positions for CGA students within their respective units, outlining the expectations, number of students needed, and details of the position. The Partner will oversee the student’s progress during the internship and handle all human resources related materials.


This collaborative effort between CGA and IEP partners will first provide our students with a robust experiential learning activity to supplement their educational training within CGA, along with the inherent professional skills development, and networking opportunities; second, the GIST Industry Experience Program partner will gain access to a pool of qualified and highly motivated students that can help advance the Partner’s mission and become an integral part of the Partner’s work environment to provide real-world solutions, both in the short-term and perhaps over the long-term as a valuable member of their team.

If you are an organization looking to become a part of our GIST Industry Experience Program, click below for more information.

Partner with our Students

Current Student Opportunities

ProStar: Currently seeking students interested in geospatial solutions for the utility and pipeline industries.

Upcoming Deadlines

  • Apply by Oct 15 for Spring
  • Apply by April 15 for Fall

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Student Highlights

Student Project: Delineating Food Deserts in Raleigh

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